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19 Year-old’s Collection

Juliette Greco


Jean Seberg





Yelle – Tu prends toujours le métro

I want to see you
In a pornographic movie
In action with your cock
Like potatoes or fries
For full details
On your anatomy
About your cousin Teki
And your fetish accessories


Points Pareils

All the girls and boys my age walk hand-in-hand down the lane.
All the girls and boys my age talk about their futures together.
His eyes in her eyes, and his hand in her hand,
there they go, so in love, without any fears about tomorrow.

Yes, but I, walk alone, in the street, my soul in pain.
Yes, but I, walk alone, because no one loves me.
My days are just like my nights.
No one murmurs “I love you” in my ear.